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Can You Make ???

I often have customers call me and ask "Can you make  ______________"  Fill in the blank.   I had customers ask if I can make anything from pillow cases to a wedding dress.

Because there are SO many different styles of clothing and home accessories - I ask that the customer sends me a picture (or a picture that is close)  of what they want me to sew.   This gives me a better idea of how involved the potential project may be, and I can provide a more accurate pricing estimate to the customer.

If you have something you'd like me to sew and want to ask "Can you make _______________?"  Send me a picture of what you're thinking, a picture of something similar.   Fill out the form below and upload a picture  and I will get back with you soon!

Before I begin work I will also need a pattern that you can either drop by the house or mail me. 

Also - there must be at least a 45 day window from the time I receive the pattern and you need the item.


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