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Repair and Alteration Prices

These are our general prices.  Depending on the complexity of your project the price could be higher.  If you have any questions give us a call.  My turn around time is TWO WEEKS - if I finish sooner I will contact you.

Price List as of March 20, 2019

Large Patchesboth$7.00 per patch
Medium Patchesboth$5.00 per patch
Small Patchesboth$3.00 per patch
Replace Binding and Braiding on BlanketsStarting at $50.00
Full Size ApronsbothStarting at $18.00
Button (per button)both$0.50 per button
Make Button Hole (per button hole)both$1.00 per button hole
Half Size ApronsbothStarting at $12.00
Bridesmaid dressesSides taken inwomenStarting at $25.00
Bridesmaid dresseshemswomenStarting at $30.00
JacketShorten Jackets Sleeves with buttonsbothStarting at $15.00
JacketReplace Lining in jackets, pantsbothStarting at $35.00
JacketShorten Jackets Sleeves no buttonbothStarting at $12.00
JacketTaper jackets LinedbothStarting at $18.00
JacketTaper Jackets UnlinedbothStarting at $15.00
PantsTaper Legs on Pants both sidesbothStarting at $10.00
PantsTake Up Crotch on PantsbothStarting at $10.00
PantsMake Pockets for PantsbothStarting at $7.00
PantsTake out PocketsbothStarting at $7.00
PantsTake in Waist, Pants/Skirts Double seambothStarting at $10.00
PantsRepair Belt Loops on Pants Eachboth$1.00 per belt loop
PantsTake in Waist, Pants, Skirts Single seambothStarting at $8.00
PantsReplace Elastic PantsbothStarting at $10.00
PantsRip in seam, pants, jeans, shirts,bothStarting at $5.00
Pants - HemShorten Pants with CuffsbothStarting at $12.00
Pants - HemShorten Pants Wider LegWomenStarting at $15.00
Pants - HemShorten Pants with LiningwomenStarting at $15.00
Pants - HemPants, Shorten, Regular WidthbothStarting at $10.00
Shirt/BlouseRip in seam, pants, jeans, shirts,bothStarting at $5.00
Shirt/BlouseTake off Collar on Shirts or BlousesbothStarting at $10.00
Shirt/BlouseTake in Sides on Single SeambothStarting at $8.00
Shirt/BlouseShorten or Lengthen Sleeves on TopsbothStarting at $10.00
Shirt/BlouseAdjust Shoulder seamsWomenStarting at $15.00
Shirt/BlouseMake Pockets for ShirtsbothStarting at $5.00
Shirt/BlouseTake in sides on Single SeambothStarting at $10.00
Shirt/BlouseTake in sides on Double SeambothStarting at $12.00
SkirtTake in sides on Double SeambothStarting at $10.00
Skirt - HemHem/Wide Width SkirtswomenStarting at $20.00
Skirt - HemHem/Replace ruffle or braid on the bottom of the skirtwomenStarting at $30.00
SkirtTake in Sides on Single SeambothStarting at $8.00
SkirtShorten Regular Width SkirtwomenStarting at $10.00
Zipper - DressZipper: Replace Regular,18 inch, Invisible Zipper, DressesWomenStarting at $12.00
Zipper - JacketReplace 20+ Inch Regular Zipper on JacketsbothStarting at $20.00
Zipper - PantsReplace Regular 9 inch Zipper on PantsbothStarting at $10.00